Our Speech Contest will be August 27

It’s that time of year: speech contest time has arrived, and the two themes for this summer/fall 2015 period are “Humorous” and “Evaluation”.

  • Humorous: Choose a subject. Be certain you don’t include potentially objectionable language or content. Your speech should have an opening, body, and close — on a theme. (That is, it shouldn’t be a series of one-liners.)
  • Evaluation: A Toastmaster, not a member of our club, will give a 5-7 minute speech. Contestants can take notes, and then must provide an evaluation.

Our Contest Coordinator for this period is Don. He will be providing us updates during the next several meetings and can answer your questions then or after our meeting time.

We encourage everyone to participate, either as a speaker-contestant or in another role. Read more on our Speech Contest page.

After you’ve learned more, please fill out the form below to indicate what role you’d like to fill for our August 27 Speech Contest meeting.

Sign-up closes 5 p.m. Friday, Aug. 21, so final preparations can be made. 

Results of sign-up:

  • Contest Chairperson and Chief Judge: Don
  • Toastmaster and Snacks Wrangler: Cheryl
  • Test Speaker: ___
  • Sergeant At Arms: Leah
  • Vote counter (Evaluation portion): Cheryl
  • Timekeepers: Melanie and Andrea
  • Participant (Humorous portion): Sherry and Emily
  • Participant (Evaluation portion): Diane