From our Contest Coordinator

I know the contests are new to everyone.  This will be the second Toastmaster contest I have been involved in, so I will need lots of help.

As I said yesterday, the contestants are the most important thing.  Without them there is no contest.

Humorous family stories seemed the most obvious to me for the Humorous speech contest.  I have heard some really funny speeches that since I have been in toastmasters.  One was about raising teenagers.  Another was about a parachute jump that ended in a pond.  I googled “toastmaster humorous speech examples” and got a couple of examples and other helps.  Who knew?

By the way the rule book is here.

The Evaluation contest is the hardest to understand.  When I asked for volunteer “Test Speakers” at the Food for Thought club, I had to explain the role.

The contest is who gives the best evaluation.  The speech can be at any level from an “Icebreaker” to a Project 10 speech, like Cheryl gave.  The rulebook recommends that the test speaker not be from River Speakers so I am trying to get one from another club.  A toastmaster from Food for Thought has volunteered to be the backup if the test speaker has to bow out at the last minute.  I think we really need someone from another club so that our members can compete, judge, etc.

There are a lot of contest roles to fill.

The Evaluation Contest is pretty simple.  You listen to a speech and evaluate it like Charmaine did yesterday.  The only difference is other contestants will evaluate the same speech.  The best evaluator wins.  Each evaluator will not vote on the competitors.  They can’t hear another contestants evaluation before they give theirs.  If for example the test speaker is doing a project 5 speech, the contestants will know that beforehand.  They will know what the goals of the speaker are and will evaluate them based on that, just like any evaluator would at any toastmaster meeting.  The only difference is there are other toastmasters evaluating the same speech.  What makes the best evaluation?

I googled “toastmaster evaluation contest examples” and got a lot of helps.

The contestants will make the contest a fun experience.  The winner goes to the A3 competition.  I think it is at the Foothills Church in Garden City.  I need help with the date and time.

— Don