Free leadership videos from Steve Piet DTM

Steve Piet DTM is our District 15 Director and our via-Skype guest speaker from our Chartering Meeting, Oct. 29, 2015. You’ll recall that he spoke that day on leadership. Here are some other great resources he’s just shared on YouTube:

Part 1: Situational Leadership

This 12:06 clip describes the concept of leading according to the situation – the experience of the performers, urgency, and consequence of poor performance – and the need to lead your people to increasing independence.  Grow more leaders.

Part 2: Persuasive Leadership

This 20:19 clip describes three basic methods of persuasion.  A) We Shall Overcome (by facts and figures), B) Don’t Worry, be Happy, C) He’s Not Heavy, He’s My Brother.

Part 3: Tribal Leadership

This 16:23 clip summarizes the book, Tribal Leadership, by Dave Logan et al.  The five stages of tribes are 1. Life Sucks, 2. My Life Sucks, 3. I’m OK, 4. We’re OK, 5. Life is Good.  Learn to identify the five stages and why you want to lead your group further along the scale.

Part 4: Servant Leadership

This 14:16 clip differentiates a servant leader from dictator and slave.  Punctuated by quotes, this talk also weaves together servant leadership with situational, persuasive, and tribal leadership.