What is TLI?

Twice a year you’ll hear your Presiding Officer talk about how “TLI is coming up!” What is TLI and why should you be interested?

“TLI” stands for Toastmasters Leadership Institute and it’s a half-day workshop with your peers in the area. Or “division” — to be more precise. With us, that’s the greater Treasure Valley and all the way over to Ontario — about 25 clubs in all.

Sessions include training for officers — but always also include an invigorating keynote speech as well as break-out sessions on relevant topics that will help grow your understanding and experience as a Toastmaster — a communicator and leader.

It’s also a wonderful opportunity to get “out of the rut” and meet Toastmasters from other clubs and learn how they approach the goals we’re all working towards.

Consider signing up. It’s free, and it’s just 4 hours on a Saturday. This time it’ll be held just down the road at Albertsons Corporate offices, 250 E. Park Blvd. here in Boise.

See you there!