Why be in Toastmasters? (Profile Post #2)

This is the second in a series of River Speakers Profile Posts answering the question, “Can you name two skills that Toastmasters helped you enhance, discover, or strengthen — and how that helped you in your professional life?” We’re talking with Toastmaster James Pendergrass CC: 

Listening:  I’m a better listener now than I was before joining Toastmasters, which I didn’t expect. I find that I’m more approachable, better understand how to ask the pertinent questions, and know how to give important feedback to people when asked.

Confidence to communicate effectively: It’s also helped me grow confidence as a person and being able to convey my thoughts so much better than before. Suffering from anxiety has always made it challenging to communicate my thoughts and feelings. However, Toastmasters has given me the ability to channel my thoughts and feelings into concise words in ways that weren’t possible before.