Why be in Toastmasters? (Profile Post #3)

This is the third in a series of River Speakers Profile Posts answering the question, “Can you name two skills that Toastmasters helped you enhance, discover, or strengthen — and how that helped you in your professional life?” We’re talking with Toastmaster Pam Bostic: 

River Speakers Toastmasters Club has been an amazing networking opportunity for both my professional and personal life. I’ve had the honor to attend a Professional Development seminar with a focus on Interviewing at a fellow Toastmaster’s place of work. I’ve also learned of a recurring group meditation event with the potential to calm the mind and strengthen character.

Toastmasters has taught me to find the positivity in every topic. This will be an invaluable skill for interviewing and relationship/network building.

River Speakers Toastmasters has made Thursday my favorite day of the week (move over Friday!)