Breaking the ice!

The River Speakers have recently had the joy of hearing two Icebreaker Speeches! The Icebreaker Speech is the first speech in one’s pathway, designed for new speakers/members to give a short speech on an easy subject- themselves! Additionally, the speech allows for fellow River Speakers to learn more about the new member!

Pictured below you will see the River Speakers’ newest member, Keith standing with the evaluator of his speech, Savannah. Along with long-time Toastmaster, Pete, beginning a new path and standing with his speech evaluator, Melanie. The speech evaluators are tasked to pay particular attention to the speech overall and are to offer praise where due as well as offer advice to improve speaking skills, organization, and more.

Curious about Toastmasters? Join us every Thursday at the Idaho DEQ from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. (MT). For more information, click on the “About River Speakers” link on the lefthand dashboard.

Photographed: Keith with his speech evaluator, Savannah.
Photographed: Speech evaluator, Melanie with Pete.