District 15 Conference

River Speakers Toastmasters Club is donating this basket for the silent auction during the District 15 conference May 18-19, 2018 at the Grove Hotel.

“Rolling on the River” contains: sunscreen, BBQ, beer growler and certificate, chapstick, throw blanket, plastic cups, plates, silverware, peanuts, almonds, Ritz Bites, water mister, hat, water shooters, flip-flops (men’s and women’s), plastic wine cups, tablecloth, platter, bowl, kite, food tent, pinwheel.


Beam me up!

Our club was very excited to congratulate our member, James Michael Pendergrass. James (in the center, in the red Star Trek shirt) won First Prize in the Area A3 “Humorous” contest recently.

He will move on to the Division A competition being held on October 14, 2017.

Here’s proof that Toastmasters truly helps you “live long and prosper” in your professional and personal communication and leadership roles.

(District 15 Director Donna Oswald is on the left; Area A3 Director Melanie Palmer is on the right.)

Enhance your abilities

Sherry Briscoe receives ACBSherry Briscoe (on the left) is here presented with her Advanced Communicator Bronze award by VP of Education Pamela Bostic. Congratulations!

Sherry is a great storyteller and published author. Toastmasters has helped her enhance her abilities. She can present her stories more effectively and conduct training for other writers with skill — so that everyone in her audience comes away with the Point of the Story.

What skills would  you like to take to the next level?

Learning and Growing!

Melanie receives ACB and ALB awardsRiver Speakers member and past president, Melanie Palmer, is here presented with her Advanced Communicator Bronze and Advanced Leadership Bronze awards by VP of Education Pamela Bostic.

Toastmasters believes that by doing — by stretching your boundaries — you can achieve what you may not have thought possible.

If you visit us, say “hi” and “congratulations” to Melanie when you see her!


World-caliber speakers…

In just 2 months, Toastmasters will assemble from around the world in Vancouver, British Columbia. What would it be like to hear the contestants for the World Champion of Public Speaking award?

Here are the semifinalists, including a contestant from District 15 (our district, encompassing southern Idaho, northern Utah, and eastern Oregon).

Will you be going?

UPDATE: Early-bird prices end soon. July 3 … and booking of hotel by July 24 to receive the group rate. More info here.

Celebrating growth and effort

Robin (left) and Sherry

One of the most exciting benchmarks a club can experience is recognizing a member’s achievement. At our June 22, 2017 meeting, we were proudly of one mind in congratulating Robin O’Neill as she received her Advanced Communicator Silver certificate.

As Sherry Briscoe, our VP of Education noted, this means that Robin has presented a minimum of 30 speeches. Thank you, Robin, for all you’ve contributed in sharing and growing with us.


PATHWAYS is coming

Pathways is the entirely new program — updating, in some cases, tracks that have been in place since the 1970s. THIS IS A HUGE DEAL!

Learn more about what’s right around the corner for you in your Toastmasters experience.

Visit the Pathways page on the Toastmasters website — complete with videos and tons of information. This will effect YOU!

(And bring your questions to the next River Speakers meeting. Melanie is our liaison for all Pathways questions.)

River Speakers member honored with Area A3 Director role!

Melanie Palmer CC CL

It’s just been announced that our current President, Melanie Palmer CC CL, has been appointed Area A3 Director for 2017-2018 by incoming Division A Director, Patty Johnson!

Melanie will be responsible for supporting and guiding these four clubs (which constitute Area A3):

Congratulations to Melanie! And what a great opportunity for our club to learn more about other clubs through her work.


Anyone can be a Leader!

Twice a year, our Area hosts Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI), an opportunity for new and returning officers to network with their peers in other clubs as well as learn more about their roles.
(This officer attendance is also a required step to achieve Distinguished Club status.)

But TLI is more than that. First: it’s free! Secondly, there are many general-topic speeches that inspire and inform.

Check out the website and sign up! (It’ll be June 24, 2017 from 8 AM – noon at the Boise Bible College venue, 8695 W. Marigold St. in Boise … just a bit west of Hawk Stadium, off of Glenwood.