How to update your Toastmasters profile info

We’re finalizing our chartering paperwork, and once it’s completed you — who’ve submitted your Toastmasters application — are added to the records at, and you may wish to double-check your profile information. For example, your Toastmasters magazine will go to the address on record there. To view (or make changes to) your profile:

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Sign in using the link at the top of the page.
  3. Now, using the second-layer menu, click on “My Toastmasters” (below the “Find a club” button).
  4. Under “My Toastmasters” choose “Profile.”
  5. You can view and change your records. Your member number appears in a box to the right of your name.

Changing of the guard

Your votes are in and the new slate of officers now appears on our Officers page.

However, it’s been a long few months since April when we started meeting, and I hope we can all recognize the work of the interim officers who served and did so much work to get us thus far. Applause to:

Doug Draney, Sherry Briscoe, Robin O’Neill, Tom Shaner, Cheryl Flinn, Don Williams, and Leah Parsons.

Who’s my mentor?

Mentoring is an important part of the structure of Toastmasters clubs. You’re not thrown in the pool to flail around on your own; you have a guide who’s in your corner and a built-in fan.

Your VP of Education will be providing further information over time on being an effective mentor, but these are some key starting points:

  • Your mentor wants you to know that they’re there for you! Ask them all your questions.
  • Your mentor should help you book a date for your first speech, the “Ice Breaker,” and keep you on pace to finish your first 10 speeches within about 12 months.
  • Your mentor should have a good understanding of your own personal and professional goals — the initial reason you joined Toastmasters — so they can support you and guide you in your endeavors.

Boise area Toastmasters: welcome!

Thank you to Area B2 Governor and President of The Capitol Club, Merilee Marsh, for sending out this invitation to local Boise-area clubs’ members to visit us:

For your information, a new club is forming: River Speakers. The soon-to-be-chartered club welcomes speakers as visitors. Here is a terrific opportunity for you (or someone in your club) to expand your audience and work on a particular manual.


Our first meeting: Tues., April 14

Thanks to all who came to our Informational Meeting and question-and-answer meeting on Thursday, April 2.

If you’re on our mailing list, you had an opportunity to vote on our meeting day-of-the-week. Tuesday very narrowly won out over Thursday. (If you’re disappointed, please note that all members will vote again at the time we charter.)

Meanwhile, as promised, our first meeting will take place starting at noon in our usual meeting place. We hope you join us. You may bring food (and thanks again to NNU for donating their classroom for our use). Anyone in the Washington Group complex, neighbors, members of other clubs, and any other interested parties are welcome.


The River Speakers have a new home- Join us at the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality!

When? Every Thursday from 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Learn more about us, including detailed directions to our meetings. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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