Beam me up!

Our club was very excited to congratulate our member, James Michael Pendergrass. James (in the center, in the red Star Trek shirt) won First Prize in the Area A3 “Humorous” contest recently.

He will move on to the Division A competition being held on October 14, 2017.

Here’s proof that Toastmasters truly helps you “live long and prosper” in your professional and personal communication and leadership roles.

(District 15 Director Donna Oswald is on the left; Area A3 Director Melanie Palmer is on the right.)

River Speakers member honored with Area A3 Director role!

Melanie Palmer CC CL

It’s just been announced that our current President, Melanie Palmer CC CL, has been appointed Area A3 Director for 2017-2018 by incoming Division A Director, Patty Johnson!

Melanie will be responsible for supporting and guiding these four clubs (which constitute Area A3):

Congratulations to Melanie! And what a great opportunity for our club to learn more about other clubs through her work.


Anyone can be a Leader!

Twice a year, our Area hosts Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI), an opportunity for new and returning officers to network with their peers in other clubs as well as learn more about their roles.
(This officer attendance is also a required step to achieve Distinguished Club status.)

But TLI is more than that. First: it’s free! Secondly, there are many general-topic speeches that inspire and inform.

Check out the website and sign up! (It’ll be June 24, 2017 from 8 AM – noon at the Boise Bible College venue, 8695 W. Marigold St. in Boise … just a bit west of Hawk Stadium, off of Glenwood.

And on to Division…!!!

Hearty congratulations to our River Speakers members who won last Saturday’s Area Contest!

Next step: the DIVISION level contest!

Here are the details:

  • Saturday, April 8, 2017 (9 AM [speakers should arrive early])
  • Foothills Christian Church (West Atrium Room), 9655 W. State St., Garden City ID

Hope to see you there!

Area-level Speakers Contest!

Congratulations to our first and second place contest winners — Sherry, Pam, Slay, and Andrew! 

They — as well as winners from other A3 clubs (plus A2 clubs) — will be competing at the next level. If you can, attend and support your fellow Toastmasters!

You can track it on this page on the District 15 website.

Here are the details:

  • Saturday, March 11, 2017 (9 AM [speakers should arrive early])
  • Foothills Christian Church (West Atrium Room), 9655 W. State St., Garden City ID

What is TLI?

Twice a year you’ll hear your Presiding Officer talk about how “TLI is coming up!” What is TLI and why should you be interested?

“TLI” stands for Toastmasters Leadership Institute and it’s a half-day workshop with your peers in the area. Or “division” — to be more precise. With us, that’s the greater Treasure Valley and all the way over to Ontario — about 25 clubs in all.

Sessions include training for officers — but always also include an invigorating keynote speech as well as break-out sessions on relevant topics that will help grow your understanding and experience as a Toastmaster — a communicator and leader.

It’s also a wonderful opportunity to get “out of the rut” and meet Toastmasters from other clubs and learn how they approach the goals we’re all working towards.

Consider signing up. It’s free, and it’s just 4 hours on a Saturday. This time it’ll be held just down the road at Albertsons Corporate offices, 250 E. Park Blvd. here in Boise.

See you there!

Contests: from club to district … and beyond!

Twice each year Toastmasters clubs conduct contests — giving members a chance to stretch their skills, either as contestants or in a supporting role. 

On August 25 we congratulated Cathy V. for winning first place in our River Speakers Club Table Topics contest for fall 2016. ** hurray!! confetti!! **

But did you know that’s just the start? All Toastmasters clubs are participating and this culminates in a final contest with winners from all regions around the world

Back here in Idaho, we have the opportunity to provide support by attending or filling a role in our local contests. See if you can attend:

Area A3/A5 Speech Contests – Thurs., Sept. 15 (6:30 p.m.)*
Foothills Christian Church, 9655 W. State St., Garden City ID

Division A Speech Contest – Sat., Oct. 8 (9:30 a.m.)*
Boise Bible College, 8695 W. Marigold St., Boise ID

District 15 Speech Contests – Sat., Oct 22
On the last day of the District 15 Conference

*Contestants should arrive at least half an hour early for briefing.

Dwight Edwards recognized

dwight-edwards-mentorIt was a chilly Saturday morning in late January. We were at Toastmaster Leadership Institute, a twice-yearly event when club officers (and interested members) meet to learn and meet their peers. It was time for the keynote speech. All eyes in the auditorium were on the tall man in the suit as he shared three great truths in a memorable and entertaining way: Remember your REASON, RETOOL and reapply, and Rely on your RELATIONSHIPS.

So I was especially delighted when I spotted him on page 8 of the March issue of Toastmasters Magazine (always recommended reading!). He was nominated for the “Meet My Mentor” article. Congratulations on the well-deserved recognition!

Dwight and his mentee, Sharla Ng, are members of the local “HP Speakeasies” club.

Support Our Division A Contestants

The Division A International Speech and Tall Tales contest will be held the end of this month. This is a great opportunity to see Toastmasters from other clubs in our district. Here are the details:

Sat., April 30, 2016 (starting at 9:30 a.m.)
9655 W. State S., Garden City, Idaho (Foothills Christian Church)

Contact person is Gina Rone, our Division A Director (contact info is available on this page).