We’re moving…just a little bit

What wonderful news: we’re outgrowing our meeting place!

The room where we meet, within NNU’s campus in the Central Plaza, is just getting a bit too snug. So starting tomorrow (Jan. 7, 2016), look for us in Classroom D instead of Classroom C. We’ll have signs up.

Much appreciation to NNU who are wonderful hosts, providing the area for our weekly meetings.


Exciting Chartering Meeting Oct. 29

October 29 we celebrated the fact that River Speakers Toastmasters Club was recognized as chartered club #4584188 in August.

There was a great agenda. The meeting was joyous and inspiring and included:

  • Presentation of our new BANNER by District 15 Club Growth Director, Donna Oswald CC ALB (captured in both photos on this page)
  • Recognition of member, Doug Draney, achieving his Advanced Communicator Bronze (see photo below)
  • Speech #10 by club member, Don Williams, completing his Competent Communicator manual (see photo above)
  • Speeches by Donna Oswald and, via Skype, a speech by District 15 Director, Steve Piet DTM

In addition, we had guests including our Area A3 director, Dan Woodworth, and assistant A3 director, Kris Provant.

(We even had Robin join us, in costume, as you can see from the photos; her office was celebrating Hallowe’en that day.)

And we had a new member join us! It couldn’t have been better, and reflected the   River Speakers Toastmasters club values of fun, friendliness, (and food)!

Doug receives certificate acknowledging his achievement
Doug receives certificate acknowledging his achievement. On left, VP Membership & PR, Robin O’Neill. On right, VP Ed, Sherry Briscoe.

The banner is coming!

RiverSpeakersBannerWhat does that mean? For you, it means you want to set a date for our meeting this Thursday, Oct. 29, when we’ll receive physical acknowledgement of the chartering status we were granted the beginning of July: our District is bestowing our Toastmasters banner which will flag all our meetings from this point forward. Member (and District 15 officer) Donna Oswald will be presenting.

  • We’ll also be hearing another Speech #10 (which marks completion of the Competent Communicator manual) from Don
  • Melanie is putting together treats and snacks
  • We’ll be hearing via Skype from our District 15 leader, Steve Piet
  • You’re encouraged to bring your lunch (eat & listen!)

Note we’re in a different location for this meeting only. Come to Plaza IV (that’s 800 E Park Blvd. for folks outside the complex), walk past the guard desk, and look for signage to direct you to Conference Room 1CR5.

Hope to see you there! It’ll be a party!

Changing of the guard

Your votes are in and the new slate of officers now appears on our Officers page.

However, it’s been a long few months since April when we started meeting, and I hope we can all recognize the work of the interim officers who served and did so much work to get us thus far. Applause to:

Doug Draney, Sherry Briscoe, Robin O’Neill, Tom Shaner, Cheryl Flinn, Don Williams, and Leah Parsons.