Tackling Table Topics

The River Speakers are happy to congratulate our very own member, Pam Bostic, for winning 2nd Place in Table Topics at the Area A2/A3 Speech Contest! We are always proud to see members succeed and crush their own dreams.

Pam is a shining example of a truly dedicated Toastmaster! In addition to her diligent work as the Vice President of Education, she always has a positive attitude and an impressive way with words that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Well done, Pam!

Pam (second from the right) standing with fellow Toastmasters, displaying their awards.

Beam me up!

Our club was very excited to congratulate our member, James Michael Pendergrass. James (in the center, in the red Star Trek shirt) won First Prize in the Area A3 “Humorous” contest recently.

He will move on to the Division A competition being held on October 14, 2017.

Here’s proof that Toastmasters truly helps you “live long and prosper” in your professional and personal communication and leadership roles.

(District 15 Director Donna Oswald is on the left; Area A3 Director Melanie Palmer is on the right.)

World-caliber speakers…

In just 2 months, Toastmasters will assemble from around the world in Vancouver, British Columbia. What would it be like to hear the contestants for the World Champion of Public Speaking award?

Here are the semifinalists, including a contestant from District 15 (our district, encompassing southern Idaho, northern Utah, and eastern Oregon).

Will you be going?

UPDATE: Early-bird prices end soon. July 3 … and booking of hotel by July 24 to receive the group rate. More info here.

And on to Division…!!!

Hearty congratulations to our River Speakers members who won last Saturday’s Area Contest!

Next step: the DIVISION level contest!

Here are the details:

  • Saturday, April 8, 2017 (9 AM [speakers should arrive early])
  • Foothills Christian Church (West Atrium Room), 9655 W. State St., Garden City ID

Hope to see you there!

Area-level Speakers Contest!

Congratulations to our first and second place contest winners — Sherry, Pam, Slay, and Andrew! 

They — as well as winners from other A3 clubs (plus A2 clubs) — will be competing at the next level. If you can, attend and support your fellow Toastmasters!

You can track it on this page on the District 15 website.

Here are the details:

  • Saturday, March 11, 2017 (9 AM [speakers should arrive early])
  • Foothills Christian Church (West Atrium Room), 9655 W. State St., Garden City ID

Contests: from club to district … and beyond!

Twice each year Toastmasters clubs conduct contests — giving members a chance to stretch their skills, either as contestants or in a supporting role. 

On August 25 we congratulated Cathy V. for winning first place in our River Speakers Club Table Topics contest for fall 2016. ** hurray!! confetti!! **

But did you know that’s just the start? All Toastmasters clubs are participating and this culminates in a final contest with winners from all regions around the world

Back here in Idaho, we have the opportunity to provide support by attending or filling a role in our local contests. See if you can attend:

Area A3/A5 Speech Contests – Thurs., Sept. 15 (6:30 p.m.)*
Foothills Christian Church, 9655 W. State St., Garden City ID

Division A Speech Contest – Sat., Oct. 8 (9:30 a.m.)*
Boise Bible College, 8695 W. Marigold St., Boise ID

District 15 Speech Contests – Sat., Oct 22
On the last day of the District 15 Conference

*Contestants should arrive at least half an hour early for briefing.

Support Our Division A Contestants

The Division A International Speech and Tall Tales contest will be held the end of this month. This is a great opportunity to see Toastmasters from other clubs in our district. Here are the details:

Sat., April 30, 2016 (starting at 9:30 a.m.)
9655 W. State S., Garden City, Idaho (Foothills Christian Church)

Contact person is Gina Rone, our Division A Director (contact info is available on this page).

You’re invited to the Area Speech Contest March 19

Here’s the Speech Contest Flier- Area Contest. You’re invited! This is a great opportunity to see speakers from other clubs in the area — plus we’ll have our two River Speakers contestants appearing. I’m sure they’d appreciate your presence and support!

Also, if you’re interested, the Contest Coordinator is looking for Toastmasters to fill roles such as Judge, Timer, Counter, Toastmaster, Chief Judge. Contact Val Welch at vwelch[at]boisebible[dot]edu.

It’s contest day tomorrow!

Leah, our contest coordinator, has contacted all our slated speakers and reminded them of the importance of time: being on time for the meeting and watching speech time (because more than 30 seconds outside the standard 3-5 minutes will disqualify a speaker in a Tall Tales contest).

More contest guidance for all contest roles

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