Location change: Jan. 26th!

Our Jan. 26, 2017 meeting will take place in a different location. (Our gracious hosts at NNU need the room for other purposes during this time period.)

LAST UPDATE: We need to meet in 5CR4. For those of our members, and any guests, who don’t work in Plaza IV (800 E Park Blvd.) of the complex, Sherry will be at the 1st floor security desk to escort you up!

  • If you’re inside the complex: go east (away from Broadway) all the way down the hall to the last security desk in Plaza IV and keep going to the conference room (1CR5) at the end of that hall.
  • If you’re outside the complex: 800 E Park Blvd. is the last building in the complex — the 7-story one at the east end. Enter and sign in at the security desk. Ask the guard to direct you to 1CR5, down the hall behind his station.

See you there!

Why be in Toastmasters? (Profile Post #1)

This is the first in a series of River Speakers Profile Posts answering the question, “Can you name two skills that Toastmasters helped you enhance, discover, or strengthen — and how that helped you in your professional life?” We’re starting with Toastmaster Robin O’Neill ACB CL: 

What did you say? Toastmasters has helped me fine-tune my listening skills to hear the words, the energy, and the intent behind someone’s message. My ability to be present,  look for the nuances in what people say, restate what I have heard, and communicate back that message has improved my leadership and communication skills.

Can I give you some feedback? Toastmasters has improved my ability to give positive, constructive, and concise feedback/evaluations. This is a very valuable skill professionally and personally. We’ve had to answer the question, “What do you think?” — Toastmaster’s teaches specific feedback techniques that give value to both the evaluator and the speaker in a non-threatening and positive way.

What is TLI?

Twice a year you’ll hear your Presiding Officer talk about how “TLI is coming up!” What is TLI and why should you be interested?

“TLI” stands for Toastmasters Leadership Institute and it’s a half-day workshop with your peers in the area. Or “division” — to be more precise. With us, that’s the greater Treasure Valley and all the way over to Ontario — about 25 clubs in all.

Sessions include training for officers — but always also include an invigorating keynote speech as well as break-out sessions on relevant topics that will help grow your understanding and experience as a Toastmaster — a communicator and leader.

It’s also a wonderful opportunity to get “out of the rut” and meet Toastmasters from other clubs and learn how they approach the goals we’re all working towards.

Consider signing up. It’s free, and it’s just 4 hours on a Saturday. This time it’ll be held just down the road at Albertsons Corporate offices, 250 E. Park Blvd. here in Boise.

See you there!

Free snacks, great line-up: it’s OPEN HOUSE

Thursday, Nov. 10, is an OPEN HOUSE meeting. This is a great chance:

  • to see what’s available for you in Toastmasters (if you’ve not ever visited)
  • to invite friends and colleagues (if you’re a member)

Take this opportunity to be our guests. We promise you’ll feel welcome, and we hope you’ll find that River Speakers Toastmasters Club is a great environment in which to grow. You’ll surprise yourself!

Here’s the event on Facebook.

NOTE: We’re not meeting at our usual spot. Instead, within Washington Group Plaza, go to the east end (Plaza IV) and the conference room at the very end. (Signs will be posted.) Contact us if you have questions.

Ah-Grammarian Monster!

One of many things that we work on together at our River Speakers Toastmasters meetings is noticing our choice of words — both good choices (rich, image-evoking words) and “filler” words.

“Filler” words are words or sounds we’ve gotten in the habit of using to fill space while we’re trying to think of what to say next. We don’t need them. We learn that it’s good to have the “effective pause” and that by being more confident, and by being more aware of our speech (which we gain through peer evaluation time), we communicate better and with more authority.

Recently, one of our members, past board member Leah Parsons, presented our club with this wonderful “Ah-Grammarian Monster”. (The Ah-Grammarian is the meeting evaluator who helps us by noting the use of both rich words and filler words.)


Contests: from club to district … and beyond!

Twice each year Toastmasters clubs conduct contests — giving members a chance to stretch their skills, either as contestants or in a supporting role. 

On August 25 we congratulated Cathy V. for winning first place in our River Speakers Club Table Topics contest for fall 2016. ** hurray!! confetti!! **

But did you know that’s just the start? All Toastmasters clubs are participating and this culminates in a final contest with winners from all regions around the world

Back here in Idaho, we have the opportunity to provide support by attending or filling a role in our local contests. See if you can attend:

Area A3/A5 Speech Contests – Thurs., Sept. 15 (6:30 p.m.)*
Foothills Christian Church, 9655 W. State St., Garden City ID

Division A Speech Contest – Sat., Oct. 8 (9:30 a.m.)*
Boise Bible College, 8695 W. Marigold St., Boise ID

District 15 Speech Contests – Sat., Oct 22
On the last day of the District 15 Conference

*Contestants should arrive at least half an hour early for briefing.

We’re celebrating our 1st anniversary!

Please join us for a regular meeting PLUS a pot luck variety of snacks (canapés, banana bread, deserts, and more).

That’s THIS THURSDAY — AUGUST 11, 2016 at noon. Directions are here or contact us if you have any questions.

Take this opportunity to learn what goes on it a Toastmasters meeting. It’s all about learning and becoming more adept as a business professional — and it helps grow our own personal skills as well.

We hope you stop by! And follow us on Facebook!